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What's your story?

Your story is our focus. Your self-expression, our passion. Your transformation, our hope. At Story Circle Network our mission is to support women writers and raise public awareness of the importance of women’s personal histories.

Whether you’re a soccer mom looking for connection, a tech-savvy millennial seeking enrichment, or a sassy seventy-something aspiring to be published, our sisterhood and resources are here to help. Through the magic of writing, we encourage you to bring your voice, your words, your style…your story, to life.

One of the things SCN does best is to connect women in a way that engenders a sense of sisterhood and often creates real friendships as well as professional opportunities/support. It has built and maintains a real network of women who write.
- Susan Schoch
Editor, SCN Journal  and  Real Women Write Anthology
These circles have changed my life in these last months. And I don't mean that in a small way. It is huge. It is as if each writing topic, each book selection, each offering by all the members is 'godgiven' directly to me, for my benefit. Amazing.
- Grace in New Mexico
What a great idea to collaborate with each other. It is such a gift to be a part of a circle of women. I appreciate all the work the circle facilitators have done and I will rely on you all to guide me as I learn to be an effective circle leader. I think that the support that we can provide each other is synergistic; it multiplies what we can do alone.
- Lisa in Maryland
I wish I could let people know the degree to which SCN is responsible for my writing more, writing better, feeling more confident, and getting some public writing attention. It all feels like miraculous progress and I am floating...
- Duffie in California
Connect & Share 1

Connect & Share

Writing resources & community to empower the writer in you.

No matter where you are in your story-telling journey, or what medium you prefer, we have resources to guide and encourage you on your path.

Connect & Share 2

Connect & Share

SCN offers online and in-person opportunities to connect and engage with other welcoming, like-hearted women writers to explore your story.

Writing-in-community groups (“circles”)
Writing or Works-in-progress chat groups (“roundtables”)
International writing travel programs

Connect & Share 3

Connect & Share

From personal enrichment to publishing, you’re invited to share your writing

Our Quarterly Journal has an entire section devoted to women’s stories
The Annual Anthology, Real Women Write, showcases the talent and creativity of our members
Our blogs are another venue where you are invited to share your lives and your wisdom

“…healthy reinforcement, in my mind, is a distinguishing trait of Story Circle Network. Though most of us are writers on one level or another, both published and otherwise, there is a strong consensus that we exist essentially to elevate and support one another in honing our writing skills and getting our voices heard.” —Marilea Rabasa

Celebrating Excellence in Women’s Independent Publishing

The SCN Women’s Book Awards

The annual Story Circle Network women’s book competitions honor independently published women authors of books for and about women. SCN offers the Sarton, named for memoirist, novelist, and poet May Sarton, who is remembered for her outstanding contributions to women’s literature. We also offer the Gilda, honoring beloved comedian Gilda Radner and awarded to memoirs with a comedic flair.

Story Circle Book Reviews

Since 2001, SCN has sponsored reviews of women’s memoir, fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. We review books by, for, and about women, author-published or published by university presses or small, independent publishers.